There are so many things I want to know,

But I’ll keep this short and simple,

And leave the rest to my imagination

Do you still meet up with your old friends?

Or did your paths diverge long before the end?

Is your head still up in the clouds?

Or was it bought down with a heavy fall?

Is that fantasy world still there your head?

Or did you drown in work so much you forgot to exist there?

Did you achieve all the things you had dreamed of?

Or were those dreams never meant to be yours?

Are you in that writing college you always imagined?

Or perhaps the army that was always a second option

Did you swim the seas?

Did you touch the sky?

Did you live life to the fullest?

Or at least try?



Ayushi Agrawal

Ayushi Agrawal


Middle Schooler from Lucknow, India. Content creator/Newsletter Editor for @studentsxstudents